The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27121 August 20 2018

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27121

Clues Answers
Alcoholic drink: writer, a bit cut, will get stuck into brew TEQUILA
Anger? Private investigator quite expressing it PIQUE
Café worker? A man filling bill is recalled BARISTA
Closer and closer to ritual at church LATCH
Dancing talent that’s new? Not very DISCO
Ecstatic state offering no new suggestion TRACE
Eldest child initially ready to tuck into left half of bonbon? first-born
Entertainer bringing in latest from musical composer HOLST
Exhibit mammalian consequences of the foregoing? rain cats and dogs
Forecaster is upset over Times line SIBYL
Frequently pressure will be absorbed by broadcaster gaining influence soft power
Garment I’d picked up after a lot of consideration CARDI
Get program to stop after girl’s taken aback APPREHEND
Huge energy sustaining Republican bodyguard GROSS
I guarantee I rejected further broadcast about son INSURER
Clues Answers
Immediately make online comments over animosity surrounding society post-haste
Inlet having run in a fraction, not loudly FIRTH
International game? Plan to include one high-flier test pilot
Intimidating male taken to court over cartel HECTORING
It’ll have a drop of arsenic in various portions, perhaps rat-poison
My acting’s pulled apart as sort of vigorous GYMNASTIC
Newspaper feature teacher edited with software weather forecast
Not agreeing how you might get pets? out of step
Odd bits of opal and blue interrupted by marks in pale brown OATMEAL
Place for flights? Primarily soaring through atmosphere successfully STAIRWELL
Spider perhaps found behind cold hilltop CREST
Superior approach in developing organ care ARROGANCE
The writer’s recalled nineteen characters around Northern American state MINNESOTA
Throw out online winner having no alternative EVICT
US lawyer impounding most of long rural residence DACHA

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