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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27122 August 21 2018

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27122
Clues Answers
Alcoholic drink? After one, fellow is uplifted and full of cheer INEBRIANT
Ambulance driver recalled police attending a crash in outskirts of Poole PARAMEDIC
Appreciate some Europeans banning a new drug DIGITALIS
Belgium’s principal old school artist BOSCH
Cooked meat in pan, leading to complaint roast beef
Drone in place of airborne soldiers? PARASITE
During half term learner obtains information INTEL
Film, maybe: High School Musical — not grand, the Spanish admitted RELEASE
Great transport company no longer ailing BRILL
Hearts extremely optimistic ahead of crucial game HOCKEY
I will come in on foot for a makeover REFIT
Like Jesus of Nazareth, is back in different cinemas MESSIANIC
Male gets help to engage a good health-spa professional massagist
Military base a screen camouflaged CASERNE
Modify rope after horse bolts ALTER
Newspaper article outlaw pens for a tanner SUNBATHER
Nick, we hear, and John providing fish STEELHEAD
Plan brief residence in French city CHARTRES
Polish food and drink, both originally spurned rub up
Proust translated by Henry Percy HOTSPUR
Puzzle book used principally during short holiday REBUS
Religious group in new TV programme PILOT
Road that is going through Tyneside region initially is less bright NERDIER
Sailor on dry land? A fine fellow salt of the earth
Served up hot drink with crackers, not entirely dry DAMPISH
Stop old car crossing swampy ground FORFEND
Tea and sherry taken regularly — one drink after another CHASER
The UK dish girl cooked at minimum temperature is sweet turkish delight
They sing very softly, accompanying Queen SOPRANI
Wretched call to punish murderous cur? HANGDOG