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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27123 August 22 2018

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27123
Clues Answers
About to introduce tax break RECESS
Alcoholic in the end put back to bed COT
Brie munched by me in galley BIREME
Cereal stirred below temperature becoming syrup TREACLE
Charge bundle to keep bird on ground WARHEAD
Clear river containing single rodent EXONERATE
Cricket side’s method hardly secret? on show
Crook to entertain sister’s subordinate staff nurse
Current in which HM ships lost way MODE
Fake groom died, having introduced tango PRETEND
Famed Assyrian house is home to sheep SEMIRAMIS
Feline woman binding husband in chains CHATELAINE
Forebear requires an exotic escort ANCESTOR
Fundamental article about the Italian church BASILICA
Lock phone on rental contract RINGLET
One charming Chinese detective in lodge ENCHANTER
One supporting cuts met with knight SAWHORSE
Pen pusher, perhaps, bursting into tears STATIONER
Pressure in tie — United beaten for lack of fitness? INEPTITUDE
Process of reduction in capital growth HAIRCUT
Ready to assimilate City formula RECIPE
Right-hand man keeping to hyperbole RHETORIC
Small deposit to finish in bank DEPEND
Stylish welcome received in clubs twice CHIC
Testing time for one at crease, one performing PROBATION
Tough Berber reflective in secure place STRONGROOM
Tradesman, powerless to deliver cut wood LUMBER
Unprincipled little man enters gallery GODLESS
Using colour, 20 to dress person travelling on time CHROMATIC
Wreck in sea on moon finally eclipsed MAR