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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27124 August 23 2018

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27124
Clues Answers
American native travelled on, we hear, with messenger ROADRUNNER
Bloke given say before another’s opening wine store BODEGA
Boorish university man upset about description of certain servants? UNCIVILISED
Chemist’s aid using public transport after match test-tube
Citizen touring a Spanish port mostly directing course NAVIGATIONAL
Continental bigwig throwing carer out EUROCRAT
Creature portrayed in plate that’s mounted? ANIMAL
Fellow in combinations at church in Indian region Cochin
Frenzied English priest retires, taken in by pope, perhaps FEVERISH
Friend promoting a group of associated stores CHAIN
Greenish-blue container with variable content CYAN
Heat in blaze disorientated Raleigh, for one ELIZABETHAN
Heavyweight beer cask, by the sound of it TON
Like some humorous verse dandy originally created macaronic
London theatre __ a place where ambiguous advice was given ADELPHI
Manifest lie about Northern Rock! TANGIBLE
More sordid compound north of river BASER
Nanny once willing to accept S African money GRANDAME
Note written by Queen’s friend sucking a pipe MEERSCHAUM
Oddly it’s a man’s car with a protective cover ANTIMACASSAR
Part of US not entirely without a harvest UTAH
Possibly extra accommodation for 8? RUN
Removal of rights of army trapped in a wood ATTAINDER
S American traveller going west, one in posh vehicle PERUVIAN
Sage’s mother going round Panama, for example MAHATMA
Strip of plaster duke exchanged for new partition SCREEN
Unorthodox practice in this place is unknown HERESY
Way defence ministry covers the unexpected METHOD