The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27125 August 24 2018

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27125
Clues Answers
Antagonistic policeman bit criminal INCOMPATIBLE
Ashen chief, one addicted to booze CHALKY
Bad toothache inviting depression and drink hot chocolate
Bury unevenly in a little grave SOMBRE
Cheers Henry during defeats THANKS
Current craze feeding anti bombing rebellion INTIFADA
Date for races when fast start anticipated? pancake day
Dog whacked, head dropping after a wallop AIREDALE
Endearingly funny series of Tarzan? Yes ZANY
Established religious community on site of monastery overlooking loch CONVENTIONAL
Extraordinary results are rightfully examined __ but only ‘firsts’ RARE
Following change of heart, mother finds God? MAKER
It spreads non-European pedestrians around dispersant
Long story about End of Empire YEARN
Mark given after school __ zilch for numskull SCHMO
Married wife and husband snatching a kiss, as announced MWAH
Method of choice covering a specific period OPERATION
Most of human body turning seriously ill with internal issues? self-critical
Popular old writer stops for vacation in UK city INVERNESS
Spirit rejected by chap getting extremely sick on port MURMANSK
Stellar group along with US lawyer investing capital in Europe ANDROMEDA
Successfully defeat, without having caught every branch like a charm
Sugar level: attempt to conserve energy FLATTERY
Understood old men fall apart go to pieces
Water, perhaps, over by fish OXIDE
Where change in production is the norm royal mint
With due reference to speed PACE
Woodlouse, perhaps, one by flower in turf ISOPOD

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