The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27127 August 27 2018

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27127
Clues Answers
A funny brother, exceptional person who has “a whale of a time”? HARPOONER
Avoid accepting points __ there’s obscurity here MISTINESS
Bitty food melts away, isn’t to be eaten DAINTIES
Boy clear and always poetic, becoming an imitator of Shakespeare? SONNETEER
Cat not wanting piano as musical instrument UKE
Course of a good person holding firm ASCOT
Dog kept by wise person is better protected SECURER
Encouraged to be purified with head obscured URGED
Fish __ is one netted in that country? TUNISIA
Follower of artistic style, pop, as it changed DADAIST
Fusses about drink SODA
Greek tyrant insidiously bad, one beginning to lash out DIONYSIUS
Hard worker needing good support in the house? GRAFTER
Hears confession of hers: is Rev ultimately devious? shrives
Lexicographer’s beginning with novel headword LEMMA
Male circle is broken with female finally out in priestly system clericalism
Man maybe cut short in trick move DISLODGE
Nasty odours __ that’s disgusting bread! SOURDOUGH
National figure in America needing staff STATESMAN
Optical device functioning gets one fooled led on
Overworking, Carol catches what can be caught STRAINING
Primate I listened to repeatedly aye-aye
Rocks in circle, odd ones invisible ICE
Scrutinise noise over a Roman way somewhere in Europe SCANDINAVIA
See maiden being put off by head of faculty in school ROEDEAN
Shop to take risk with minimal light? BETRAY
Slippery customer in group that’s dancing REELING
Study of chin is agreeable CONGENIAL
The old man needs two assistants PAPA
Trance is back, one knocking son out REVERIE
Victor appears to be most important in call VISIT
Yen after study to make dosh READY

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