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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27131 August 31 2018

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27131
Clues Answers
After a short butcher’s knife with a label on at a glance
An anti-Nazi gathering expels one foreign national TANZANIAN
An old artilleryman’s casing initially too wide for one EXTRA
Awesome gas associated with singular manure jaw-dropping
Boxing damaged finger of course, primarily coffering
Draws one a plant RAFFLESIA
Easily overcome reaction of disgust in alternative to Thatcher? SLAUGHTER
Fit and well __ antismoker at heart SPASM
Force ace to quit game have-a-go
Funny form of censorship GAG
Herb’s ego jarred with Nora OREGANO
Increasingly wintry spot forecaster’s mentioned ICIER
Informally offering Desprez, Ziegfeld exhibits PREZZIE
Joiner, Pole, taking Thursday off NOR
King of Tyre, from memory, greeting heads HIRAM
Long hose: get it caught up in taps knee-socks
Nervous excitement children are in at bedtime? JIMJAMS
One competed in green coat? IVIED
One miraculously raised a sprint briefly after endless idling LAZARUS
Opera’s premiere mostly gets hammered peter grimes
Pale woman’s fixing familiar person with interest STAKEHOLDER
Pledge to block new bus lane is beyond disgusting UNSHOCKABLE
Recalled fair sound of raven and cuckoo WACKO
Rubbish collecting for instance in pan ROAST
Seal domestic encounter finally by a whisker CRABEATER
See cracks appearing in displays of mutual affection love-ins
Starter of cabbage leaves baked in pastry on the way en route
Swallow fed dry sandwich BUTTY
The solvers no good, I hesitate to say: they won’t get this! YOUNGER
Time remaining after specialist vacated theatre area stage left
Trench one often had to drain SAP
Unexpectedly goes for hikes UPS