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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27133 September 3 2018

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27133
Clues Answers
Appear in an excited state after parade show up
Betrayed the trust of lecturer after treat misinterpreted ratted on
Club’s male champion MACE
Concentrate following commander, American FOCUS
Cycle on the side of a drop and court disaster ride for a fall
Fail to win compassion, become disillusioned lose heart
Fear of god? PANIC
Female changed, then sat on the fence FALTERED
Fool about to produce gunpowder ingredient NITRE
Fully discuss party no longer in the game thrash out
Group of stars with capital attorney ANDROMEDA
Housekeeper died: ravens flying about DANVERS
In goal blocking shot TRENDY
Leader of revolt having measure of power over revolutionary count wat tyler
More work! UTOPIA
Musical passage in film annie hall
Organ stop in list REGISTER
Out of harm’s way, insane criminals safe-crackers
Picture which involves work top hat
Plant in bogland across river FERN
Please understand term gent now misused when feeding dog dont get me wrong
Poisonous liquid in alcohol taken by him at the end METHANOL
Rank reduced, so resign step down
Stage right, Oscar to play guitar ROSTRUM
Standards concerning rector PARSON
Very fine short name for a hedgehog? SONIC
Watchword of guy painting in retirement MANTRA
What may be a comfort to one who’s just retired? hot-water bottle