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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27134 September 4 2018

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27134
Clues Answers
Absolute limit wrongly put in trio sonata saturation point
After switching components, escape epidemic OUTBREAK
Biblical seductress has sneakily to ensnare Hebrew after flutter of eyelid BATHSHEBA
Bit of latex taken from blue tree GUM
Cheese __ lot getting consumed a different way? FETA
Comedian avoiding limits of strident mockery JEER
Course not permitted in religious studies ROUTE
Don’t go and stop some cricket stay over
Essence in article recalled acrimony ANIMUS
Exclamation over trap taking tail off dog CORGI
Expert on land, dodgy at moorings AGRONOMIST
Fancy a grand change will come about VAGARY
Father’s put in lock __ to prevent this? TRESPASS
Finally you will tuck into fish in foremost of Italian pasta LINGUINI
Fixes to tour US city and Midwest feature PLAINS
Food allowed in summer month excludes nothing served with cheese? au gratin
French bread I used when going about Northern Italian sandwiches PANINI
Fuel line is operating at first after set-up OIL
Go for no fine work on metal? ETCH
Initial repetition, not all repetition ITERATION
Lean on women’s organisation quietly to produce what’s hoped for? wish list
Officer left, not entirely keen about United in group of teams major league
Reduced opportunity to get Central America spice TURMERIC
Ring not new? Bloke disheartened girl PHOEBE
Satisfied about article providing essential material MEAT
Spice fanatic turned over excellent specimen NUTMEG
Strangely no opening for cricket players getting out too often? NARCOLEPSY
Theater award involving a literary key TONALITY
Understanding town’s upset about the map being redrawn SYMPATHETIC