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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27136 September 6 2018

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27136
Clues Answers
A Bishop observed to be half-hearted attracts church attendance? No! ABSENCE
Area covered by minister that gives power REACTOR
Assumption before the start PRECONCEPTION
Bank agent meets huge politician, one to be entertained REPOSITORY
Bloke lacking energy on a lake is a blow MISTRAL
Commander once more abandoning home AGA
Firm with nothing left — worker fluid in a hot situation COOLANT
Good times of quiet embraced by you and me UPS
Hesitation about going by river? Try again RETEST
It’s strange, being single, strange not to be hugged UNWONTED
Like heavy material getting thin after short time TWEEDY
Like some church services more or less hourly CHORAL
Most stylish female in office POSHEST
No sons of gloom will be excited by this set of love poems Song of Solomon
Old city that’s cheerless, in which sailor eats fish STALINGRAD
Party in Cairo is terrific ROISTER
Place of refreshment in desolate place man found heading west TAPROOM
Prepares again to control son sinking to the bottom RETRAINS
Rare fright when cold is caught SCARCE
Register money being in short supply READ
Return of Communist fury with Russia’s leader put out, upset DERANGE
River not in good shape — there’s little flow here RILL
Sailor has mishap with mind distracted MIDSHIPMAN
Soldier recalled touching book without one dull moment BOMBARDIER
Strongest deer passes away in shelter HARDIEST
Support immoral position taken by sportsman second base
Supporting architect is more intelligent PROFOUNDER
Trained as educationist with grasp of one of the basic subjects? BRED
Unpopular worker provided with cards ultimately, then taxi SCAB
Well-known female with question expressing self-doubt about honesty FAMILIAR