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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27137 September 7 2018

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27137
Clues Answers
24 boxes from the East I received ROGER
A measure of anxiety when confronted with memory ANGSTROM
Baby carriers: the odd ones leaving auntie frail UTERI
Book’s initially happy end __ before Jack turned up JEREMIAH
Bound to appear at the bar: do this, however? jump bail
Clubs getting even with president once CLEVELAND
Ditch where water miraculously turned left CANAL
English flower on minute purple illustration EXEMPLUM
Fresh ad sexed up ballet sequence pas de deux
Grand for cast to gather briefly around emperor MOGUL
Grind chickpeas, retaining one tiny amount MILLIGRAM
Hamper in corner, by couple HOGTIE
Here one might pick up saddle for one’s lower back? LUMBAR
Leisure time organised by medic r and r
Most careless and neglectful, ultimately fell by the wayside? LAXEST
News hotel’s unfinished: expecting trouble! in for it
One protected from early knockout punch __ a bit of a bloomer seedbox
Pool players might place balls in silence SPLOSH
Pop back with train set APPOINT
Reel after receiving punch, drawing back FLINCHING
Restore equilibrium, perhaps, as able musician should, quickly pick up the pieces
Rule on MBE for bungling old statesman MELBOURNE
Ruler: a timeless measuring device AMEER
Sailors opening four wine bars transformed southern town barrow-in-furness
There were no survivors, except revolutionary in uniform olive drab
Turn off after upsetting, lacklustre video displays DIVERT
Usual place for bird, not quite a box PARCEL
We appreciate that protective coats needed for this race TATARS
What healthy dish could have? This one would have had sultanas SALADIN
Worthwhile American English teaching outside of university USEFUL