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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27140 September 11 2018

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27140
Clues Answers
Agrees on views about total regularly taken SETTLES
Allows senior relative time with son GRANTS
Audible drop in level TIER
Being famous embarrassed sergeants GREATNESS
Bizarre character one receiving treatment CASE
Devalue time reduced in praise ADULTERATE
Diplomat with strong desire to drink? The opposite! ATTACHE
Do seances upset churchwoman? DEACONESS
Duettist from Home Counties Tory party? SECONDO
Easily shocked girl caught up in crush SQUEAMISH
Embarrassed because pressman eats meat ASHAMED
Ends meeting US and Jordan scuppered ADJOURNS
Genuine freedom missing first article put out RELEASE
Gives nod when ordered south ASSENTS
Holy ground covered in East European event EPISODE
Ignorant to have no starter with fish dishes? UNAWARE
Learner in house left mini parked outside? SCHOLAR
Likely backer where climbers need training TRELLIS
Musketeer shortly to appear in the French city LARAMIE
Nothing on the table? I’ll make porridge! OATMEAL
Over moon securing new pitch for province ONTARIO
See energy returning in an American god AEOLUS
Senseless trying to kill Dracula? out for the count
Somehow, one uncle came to be advocating unity ECUMENICAL
Speaker on box perhaps runs after female cat ANNOUNCER
Stories well expressed with changing characters? ANAGRAMMATICAL
The Italian used in one northern location’s flawless UNSPOILT
Vocal required in revolutionary hymn CHORALE