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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27141 September 12 2018

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27141
Clues Answers
A college year provides friendship AMITY
Academy dancers after training were very nervous ran scared
Carelessly, behind sofa husband dropped proof of honesty bona fides
Chain of human descent not complete ANDES
Conspirator hanged: rope splits in two, we hear guy fawkes
Detective, modest and attractive DISHY
Discharge returned bill first, producing capital ACCRA
Doctors succeeded saving European national leader MOSES
Formerly a hated symbol broken in half as was
Giant in forest wore odd pants REDWOOD
How unmarried couples used to live, swallowing extremely unusual hormone INSULIN
I agree about returning thanks for poet YEATS
In mock game, have decided to be inconsistent come-and-go
Less threatening, to be deprived of all love MINUS
Look right up across unnamed newspaper, for example role model
Meet rhyme for first clue? run across
No new sort of calendar girl JULIA
Part of opera, some number about sailor from foreign land ARABIAN
Port that protects marine resource? FISHGUARD
Proverbs about heroin that are employed by the chippy SAWHORSES
Provided with backing, cease being addict FIEND
Provincial shopping centre in the way now made to move small-town
Remarkable events in empty patch with flower springing up PHENOMENA
Scarcities known to be artificial are unacceptable stick in ones craw
Soldier wearing suitable American equipment APPARATUS
Squirrel away almost months in terrible weather STORM
Take fish with rod, it’s plain PIKESTAFF
The turf an object of derision for Cambridge college? the sport of kings
Trick cyclist performs in bin WHEELIE
Unskilled work from son of afflicted man? MCJOB