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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27142 September 13 2018

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27142
Clues Answers
A garment jockeys ultimately knit for nag TERMAGANT
Afflict one woman after a lot of hassle AGGRIEVE
Antiquated writer, nearly on time, stood still TRANQUIL
Avoiding relations in populous area without a lot of hurry CHASTITY
Buyer tours empty units one keeps stocking up SUSPENDER
Crook I detect pinching crockery is keen to have it CONCUPISCENT
Desire to receive family member’s agreement COVENANT
Feverish, eating old tropical root MANIOC
First class mail: a fellow’s put in guy’s address APOSTROPHISE
Food from queen breaking eggs with a lot of strength ROQUEFORT
Iron Lady felt accoutrement FEDORA
Jeer welcomes Head of Harrow in comprehensive catch-all
Little piece by Tallis wanting content for works MOTETS
Man in Genesis covering Queen or The Stones? CAIRN
Man, pretentious or friendly? HEARTY
Motto of procrastinator who’s obsessed by image? IDOLATER
Mouths laughing noisily in sport TRAPSHOOTING
Palm wrapped in threadbare cambric ARECA
Plant borders in mainly radiant landscape MYRTLE
Put down journalist holding printed work up DEMOTE
Religious text books, unspecified ones LITANY
Rival soldiers retreating in case of emergency ENEMY
Ruler knocked back a drink with a piece of meat MAHARAJA
Several Asian countries rating boring stage number ARABIA
Soccer pitches around the side get noisier CRESCENDO
Thus doctor’s about to crack clue, the last HINDMOST
What bird’s brought back as an offering TITHE
Where people save reefer jacket for aristocratic noble joint account