The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27143 September 14 2018

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27143
Clues Answers
“Cast in Chains” __ song by The Wretches lay by the heels
Acquire small area for training bats? NETS
Big loud unit relocated in separate housing OUTBUILDING
Carriage departed before time during endless floods, perhaps WAGONETTE
Censure over card game NAP
Champion drink, beer SUPPORTER
Complain luxury boat is unfinished, cutting beauty BELLYACHE
Conceding Yankee playing cricket has no following YIELDING
Depart this earth __ left to disappear as soon as possible from the word go
Difficulty of a year that never was ADO
Ecosystem merits having this wheat planted in it EMMER
Endlessly carp? Coming round in the end FINIS
Fear ferret I introduced to father PHOBIA
Fungus certainly turns up after vase is removed YEAST
Hotels mounted very intense type of water sport hydrospeed
Hurry up __ seems diaper is needed here look snappy
I reuse film running in mixer EMULSIFIER
Keen to eat old duck AVOID
Like an old civilisation rains, say, destroyed ASSYRIAN
Mostly ancient member of a noble line EARL
One enters level two PAIR
Outline provided by a stupid judge ADUMBRATE
Pedestrian in public location COMMONPLACE
Playwright that’s taken round for a staged production SHOW
Run home to look up family line keep house
Slow and dignified film, but not indispensible LARGO
Some island seized by Henry I HAITI
Son gets rather mad covered in acne SPOTTY
Wealthier gambler not going into work better off
What keeps nurse going, perhaps German convenience food fish finger

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