The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27145 September 17 2018

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27145
Clues Answers
Absent-minded don, not working, is characteristic DISTRAIT
All-points bulletin? NEWS
Bank finally inclined to abolish penny coin? KRONE
Car __ old one, mostly internal combustion with unlimited power AUTOCRATIC
Chat with consumers of computer with a lock on the outside table talk
Confines father over row FRONTIER
Confused rush and grass PANIC
Decline operation under doctor who’s finishing DROOP
Endless fun sightseeing? Oscar’s gone looking ahead FUTURISTIC
Failed riverboat broken up without resistance ABORTIVE
Finish off second young seal mop up
For the time being basic learning is confined to the afternoon pro tem
Give pounds and see famous sculptor DONATELLO
Good frill that’s starched is rather harsh GRUFF
Highwayman __ time due, unfortunately, for his latest wickedness TURPITUDE
I had son interrupting old actor when Bottom played Pyramus MIDSUMMER
Newly equip sappers before attack REFIT
Not a word, note, over Saturday crossword’s baffling jargon mumbo-jumbo
Not knowing right from wrong, losing a mark for exam ORAL
Old city friend abandoning a young child URCHIN
Post guarding a non-working state water plant mares-tail
Preferred it over obscure quibble about details PETTIFOG
Puzzle in game needs to be worked out ENIGMA
Restrained muscles can experience nasty tension initially ABSTINENT
Ring road charge TOLL
Round fraction is a source of confusion to observers op art
Runs out of fast-going sauce PESTO
Sandwich, perhaps, and beer EXPORT
Seldom-encountered poison’s killed copper RARE
State capital abolishing old religious symbol SACRAMENT
Strongly attacking East European claim that’s out of order POLEMICAL
Very detailed autobiography of English baroque composer? blow-by-blow

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