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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27146 September 18 2018

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27146
Clues Answers
A religious sect north of river, devoted to queen and her workers? apicultural
Alternative to “ridiculous” one’s put out LUDICROUS
America must cut pollution to keep up SUSTAIN
Bees take it from flowers close by, bordering court NECTAR
Brand one lover ‘short of ecstasy’, taking another FLAMBEAU
China last to claim victory, symbolically PALM
Converted coaches, not one fitted with silencer? TRANSMUTED
Dilatory sailor on duty cleared out TARDY
Dinosaur’s decline complete in the vicinity DIPLODOCUS
Freak may be on trial abroad, after English withdrawal ABNORMALITY
Heading to the back, wander past OVER
I’m surprised to secure record top mark ALPHA
Impious bishop on island about to engage in affair IRREVERENT
Initial ‘R’ in one’s own writing FIRST
Jump, ultimately failing to take the lead STAR
Lifts, commonly for high part of building EAVES
Like some curves, deliberately exaggerated HYPERBOLIC
Many uncovered poet quite slowly ANDANTE
Old sailors on ship prompt to turn criminal SUBORN
Ordering audit from time to time, no women being involved? ADJUSTMENT
Plastic denture kept for an agreed time TENURED
Reportedly keeps back vital equipment for tower ROPE
Second person with false bottom in English town EVESHAM
Snarling Parisian in stern of boat, Walton’s craft ENTANGLING
Stitch-up that’s annoyed me DARN
Veggie food seaman from East always rejected SOYA
Victoria’s first PM providing her capital? MELBOURNE
What disillusioned preacher may do for lords and ladies? jack-in-the-pulpit
Wild daisy covering most of area, maybe i dare say