The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27147 September 19 2018

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27147
Clues Answers
Aim to preserve a set of books in cabin SHANTY
Article, coloured on the outside with a stain TAINTED
Chief’s tucked into eggs and lettuce ROMAINE
Clued-up company worker is about to celebrate retiring COGNISANT
Cook, enthusiast for sweet American cake DONUT
Element of humility not unknown after thrashing LITHIUM
Fiddle about, in need of passion CHEAT
Game backed by man of nonsense, not a leader RULER
Grand hospital department needing engineers in situation where things fall apart EPICENTRE
Greek statesman has page and two men following PERICLES
Halt, stopping short, with awful rain in sheets LAMINAR
Hobo needs a large drink BUMPER
Journalist, having travelled in, is worn out ERODED
Keen on including composer’s last piece of music INTRO
Male at party entertained by individual performing live ONSTAGE
Most stylish sixties film? There’s something wet about it SLEEKEST
NI party holds bizarre rally drum up
Note about film actors PLAYERS
Notice one in angry discourse exuding heat? RADIANT
Old revolutionary caught by trick, a financial problem trade gap
Pest upset Parliament, probing charity APHID
Phony presence felt as deception false pretences
Reading petition, ranter becomes unsettled INTERPRETATION
Remain close when protecting old group hiding away CLOSETING
Sleepy type beginning to moan when instruction to wake up comes round DORMOUSE
Spray water on a book HOSEA
Supply of wine drunk by long-term professional soldier CARBINEER
Support Wolves? This might be checked at entrance to ground BACKPACK
Tycoon featured in publication, ‘name’ getting worried MAGNATE
Woman shows anger about nothing __ she’s one of these? viragoes

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