The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27149 September 21 2018

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27149
Clues Answers
Ancient arrow’s point, bloodied all around? REED
Answer in contemplation for comic AMUSING
Armenian toyed with European girl anne-marie
Article on English politician in tax drama the tempest
Asian city and Greek one without parking DELHI
Barker having prepared speech about double-cross springer spaniel
Beard model put to work OPPOSE
Bring out drug in accordance with law ELICIT
Central characters in Huxley said to stand out? EXCEL
Certain characters within decide against proposal IDEA
Check on heartbeat REPULSE
Fashion to drink whiskey where more people are around TOWN
Getting louder? Time to exit street party! CRESCENDO
Island commander packing angry wound MADAGASCAR
Keep an eye on hunter? WATCH
Made bishop stop, surprised to be overheard within ENTHRONED
Man having day to find employment USAGE
Monster devouring rook and chicken part BREAST
Notice lust with roue contrived such relationship? ADULTEROUS
Person managing excellent American stud BOSS
Poisonous sort given shocking treatment shows face ASPECT
Principal in Number 10 wrong about one element NIOBIUM
Row in church turning one Gershwin against himself CHARIVARI
Seraphim forced to abandon second tribe EPHRAIM
Shortening piece of verse, try peculiar vocabulary LINGO
Special troops when relaxed are radiant group praetorian guard
Taking it all in having gone around planet? ABSORBENT
Two daughters introduced to beer become confused ADDLE
Understand when it’s e-mail that’s encrypted ASSIMILATE
What might be rice and grain store up in citadel ACROPOLIS

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