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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27151 September 24 2018

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27151
Clues Answers
A pair to hold up BRACE
Aged don is awfully determined diagnosed
All dwarfs, small and equal SEVEN
Asian giant oak’s last big acorn cracked king cobra
Bottom Irish number, reportedly? DERRIERE
Capital letters reading across from left of keyboard? ATHENS
Chiefs formerly cross, by the sound of it? EXECS
Completely covered in straw, a shed AWASH
Conservative icon gets Labour rattled, almost close but no cigar
Correspondence course’s leader wearing a tie ACCORD
Decency in good people GRACE
Huge hole right behind box CRATER
I don’t know where ship may be heading, or what passenger may need? PASSPORT
Large plant as it happens in books, always coming up olive tree
Libertine in cap of khaki, one covered in spots RAKISH
Negligent fail again? REMISS
No way in, game finally remarkably short NEVER
Observe something other than a buzzer outside initially needed nota bene
Old fogey, eighty-one perhaps? SQUARE
Optimist’s carpet acquiring shine PANGLOSS
Orange-yellow salve initially applied to slight cut SAFFRON
Out of shape, seeking familiar place — working out FATHOMING
Painting clasped, an original LANDSCAPE
Process like the litmus test ends DIGEST
Run, don’t walk beneath it! LADDER
Stop the music REFRAIN
Strong stocking material with a safety device fire alarm
Swine bagged first in physics, gold mark in college pork scratchings
Ultimately, glamour all there is about it: flash Italian resort san remo
Work I need is yet to be rescheduled sine die