The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27152 September 25 2018

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27152
Clues Answers
Bonanza wife and daughter dipped into in autumn WINDFALL
Boy catching large fish BLENNY
Brood at home, worried about youngster INCUBATE
Cashiers least disposed to swallow most of party’s tall stories travellers tales
Condition recognised by chemists first of all in 1811-20? REAGENCY
Decline verbally, showing brief togetherness SYNC
Disproof concerning what Jeeves would do, we hear REBUTTAL
Emergency device working in cap, though not when raised panic button
Female by chance catching tail of crested duck SHELDUCK
Fruit headmaster initially introduced into French school LYCHEE
Greek screen with ends cut off ATTIC
In Idaho, a rare type of frost HOAR
In spring she sat rocking family pet, perhaps basset hound
Leader’s time going over report of Oxford college EDITORIAL
Legal right __ what a woman may fight for, not a man EQUITY
Oddball caught with little money in Morecambe ECCENTRIC
One’s left, for example, in flimsy clothing LEGACY
Part of skeleton of second animal maybe one found across river? BREASTBONE
Practical joke involving a nurse once upset certain Asians JAPANESE
Precision recognised in a key church office ACCURACY
Reportedly one who was bound to explore the internet SURF
Scam involving grandad’s first bill for drink COGNAC
Small picture in vessel, one next to a shrub POINSETTIA
Smooth youth leader’s gentle mockery IRONY
Stripper has old Charlie gripped by lecherous desire! LOCUST
Study conclusion of Iliad in French DEN
Suggestion made by husband in jest, ultimately HINT
The wrong character, perhaps, to race on motorway MISPRINT
Vehicle taking armoured troops to north CAR

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