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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27153 September 26 2018

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27153
Clues Answers
Albert, for one, look at all the mountains watch chain
Amount of light oil in musty nuts LUMINOSITY
Call to abolish home counties maybe a central feature NOSE
Columbine’s one limb I clad in pale blue AQUILEGIA
County celebrities ignoring unknown, bizarre artist SURREALIST
Dawning, as the answer to this clue will be? first light
Every Python episode? All you could desire the full monty
Face losing half one’s kidney treatment? DIAL
Facing spread, ticked off eating large piece of cake childs play
Following plotter, do deed to acquire ship charter party
Genuinely not about to join in marriage ALLY
God moving origin of universe back in time HORUS
In brief, be returning the broken missile launcher TREBUCHET
Lies first thing in flat, in bed, snoring FIBS
Little child head sent to the back, for one thing ITEM
Lost pet has run away: wait! STAY
Murmur ancient epic, missing last note __ shame HUMILIATE
Now sewn up, perhaps, painlessly? without tears
Old American takes lid off empty container INCAN
Penniless, affected by termination of loan, packed up and moved on broken camp
Reverse fortunes? Not the record-holders TURNTABLES
Right impression promoted in irregular family group PATRIARCHY
Roman censor suppresses new part of poem CANTO
Round, almost colourless stone OPAL
Sampled at intervals, hamper will do for several weeks APRIL
Shout for grub ROOT
Singlemindedness of concept for The French Connection? tunnel vision
Suffer to qualify go through