The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27154 September 27 2018

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27154
Clues Answers
Ace thrilled with rap music trophy americas cup
After travelling, reach old English town ROCHDALE
Bears in the wood with horse coming up HAS
Character of Greek cowherd turning up off and on RHO
Coming to blows with general over charge LEEWARD
Compromise, going by sea, returning first class via media
Cove hidden by beach __ a pity CHAP
Did state nursing languish in misuse of drug? OPINED
Exclamation from lady in theatre exposed mother and boy, observe out damned spot
Football body’s second tier director fassbinder
Four, maybe, twisting one’s arm OARSMEN
Girl in papers upset by gossip DIANA
I seize promotion without difficulty: that’s viewed unfavourably in a bad light
London landmark lady matriarch constructed Admiralty Arch
Mark coming soon to open street party stag night
Marketing ploy of a number that’s taken in wrong spirit rebadging
Minutes or seconds from nasty accident, steps back ACTA
Pocket: area of snooker table for pot WEED
Popular singer comes before poet LARKIN
Precocious girl of 24’s language: that’s tasty all round! MADAM
Provider of instructions for golf: driver needed PROGRAMMER
Reason old woman needs new park keeper GROUNDSMAN
Rustic couple on lake YOKEL
Single minded about success, ultimately display timidity run scared
Stop work in kitchen dry up
They’re ok for cars, for transporting roof racks
Welcome private practitioner holding various positions YOGI
Work of British parliament covering security breach bleak house

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