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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27157 October 1 2018

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27157
Clues Answers
A way teachers recalled a cold, treeless zone TUNDRA
Anxious French marshal clutching version of Bible NERVY
Apt to forget made-up names one coined originally AMNESIC
Aquatic amphibian moved away, missing lake EFT
Card-game in Paris that’s eclipsed by mine PIQUET
Change of tack with regard to revolution about-turn
Complaint from queen, perhaps, brought back without purpose? MIAOW
Courier given keys by member of guild DELIVERYMAN
Dimwit’s problem a boy soldier reversed IGNORAMUS
Employing son for second time, strangle singer THROSTLE
Estimated cost of passage from St Paul, perhaps? QUOTATION
Forest-dweller with sex appeal eclipsing dandy regularly wood nymph
Glaring politician’s photo initially unwanted round America CONSPICUOUS
Huggy type not entirely happy — tho nearly PYTHON
I work in turfy ground, finding woodlouse, for example ISOPOD
Inventor displaying lack of arrogance when given rise EDISON
Man using current account to cover appeal ISAAC
More senior lord received by English queen ELDER
Musician and detective on island propping up bar BANDSMAN
Quiet agreement at home about old instrument piano accordion
Replacement of kidney involving theatre crew ultimately RENEWAL
Repudiation doctor said I for example talked of? DISAVOWAL
Roles for top players City picked up LEADS
Signal agreement? Homer sometimes did NOD
Social misfit theologian introduced to Portuguese saint SADDO
Stocky bumpkins in first part of trashy film THICKSET
Suspended Irishman in father’s toothless legislature? hung parliament
Time to leave street party — it’s getting noisier! CRESCENDO
Unruffled church leader wearing tartan cloth PLACID
Young bird in web disturbed by small fish NESTLING