The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27158 October 2 2018

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27158
Clues Answers
Criminal activity around American city’s horse-racing the flat
Drink with newspaper folk, their leader being inhibited SUPPRESSED
English monarch with order, appropriately, for his enemy CROMWELL
Farm worker cheated having taken in nonchalant old woman DAIRYMAID
Feature of gem, diamond maybe, wrapped in paper FACET
Fish on a minute religious symbol LINGAM
Forced out, dumped, having lost it DEPOSED
Go away from house with depression hop it
Headless monster descending on magnificent city GRENOBLE
Hour of prayer held by canon everyday NONE
Ignores number occupying East Anglian town DISCOUNTS
Language restriction for listener THAI
Like Samson before his distressing experience long-haired
Little woman involved in row in French city DIJON
Moral shortcoming that comes with drinks we hear LAPSE
Mule as one coming a cropper in mud? SLIPPER
Near where you may find bishop at home close in
Nonsense about backward-looking priest being submissive DOCILE
Nurse in shady part of garden south of hospital HARBOUR
Particular metallic elements in fruit PECULIAR
Partners at table stifling expression of surprise and disdain SCORN
Party in church led by tribe DANCE
Procedure that’s a possibility when time is limited OPERATION
Pure speed, fastest possible speed to begin with CHASTE
Resolve of top people with “proper accent” evident in attitude PURPOSE
Small opening allows last couple to escape bear STOMA
Sweet member of comic duo is reckless FOOLHARDY
That fellow entertaining artist is depicting a king of Tyre HIRAM
The first person to turn against thing in protest OBJECTION
They may be spotted in a series of downward movements DOMINOES
Unruly clan, first to demonstrate in French region PROVENCAL
Withered, needing water, looking very hot SEARED

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