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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27159 October 3 2018

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27159
Clues Answers
Abruptly soon SHORTLY
Amphibian’s leg removed by famous scientist NEWT
Appropriate admission by poet? IMPOUND
Army rations needing certain self-control COMPOSURE
Beer this thirst finally quenched STOUT
Benefit of warning about magical being WELFARE
Change of opinion on boat race about-face
Chap keeping a jolly item of clothing GARMENT
Farm worker currently present for time in season WINNOWER
Finish something designed to provoke wind-up
Hat Mr Bough’s seen out in? HOMBURG
How Cotswolds are claimed by farmers is long-standing dyed-in-the-wool
Illegal resident is comparatively thick SQUATTER
Leave without right coat VARNISH
Like a sauna group found in outskirts of Shrewsbury STEAMY
Long-standing criminal gatecrashing free party LIFELONG
Monitor, perhaps, triplane I rebuilt REPTILIAN
Musician needing support to carry piano PIPER
Perfect sound from space WHOLE
Power tool’s not starting outside OUTER
Present is the concern of those who are very small? up-to-the-minute
Race course owns mopeds for scrambling epsom downs
Record suspicion about the man that’s ruined city EPHESUS
Science of drinks dispensers OPTICS
Skill securing constant success with City planner ARCHITECT
Spectator we found absorbed by a German quartet VIEWER
Topless bathing area for every single EACH
Urge page to wind turban PUGGAREE
Vibrating noise in shaky Metro line that’s old TREMOLO
Western shire perhaps taking over for each area horse opera