The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27160 October 4 2018

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27160
Clues Answers
A trap pinches area on the other hand AGAIN
Ancient creature’s droppings covered by one lecturer IGUANODON
Artillery piece shooting from side to side RAKING
Asking to change wine container GOATSKIN
Beer may be safe out of the wood
Capacity audience gives good hand full house
Cavalryman, one acting as surgeon? LANCER
Consider carefully, hearing of space in boat RUMINATE
Day to depose a not entirely horrible ruler DYNAST
Dealer held new car after ordering CHANDLER
Disproof in due course turning round objection REBUTTAL
Excessively disobediently scuttling boat Inordinately
I regret returning a mobster’s first greeting SALAAM
Leave a key in flat, half inside self-contained unit MODULATE
Like a bone from very large duck? OSTEAL
Model mobilisation against slavery movement abolitionism
Move slowly by high ground for battle EDGEHILL
One rule I would have lifted for festival DIWALI
Panellist following trick: his? CONJUROR
Playground and dinner room, not hard to bring to mind RECALL
Reluctant to punch hole in strip of wood LOATH
Spotted pieces undergoing chain reaction domino effect
Stop eating all types of fig BANYAN
Suppressing that hurt, couple make up, if they’re lucky touch wood
They are expecting one to open what is not his? HEIRS
Toyed with splendid diamonds, holding up plate FINGERED
Try tiny portion, admitting it hurts not to be used go to waste
What pilot earns proceeds from bet, leaving pub WINGS

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