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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27164 October 9 2018

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27164
Clues Answers
Attend to Antony and learn English, free lend an ear
Blue being cancelled, look embarrassed off colour
Bung soldier back into hazardous situation SPIGOT
Burn boxes turned off platform SCAFFOLD
By leaving close trap NET
Casting a lot, fisherman tackles huge fish MANTA
Chestnut, I claim regularly, is hot to eat CHILI
Cleaner departs, pounds removed from overcoat DUSTER
Coat back-to-front of no benefit for William RUFUS
Computer experts’ jibe: after a period, reject it DIGERATI
Formally, I triumphed in speech ONE
GP’s motto: “I’m not bothered!” for all i care
Grey in mountain range? Shame CHAGRIN
Hurting after exercise is excellent PEACHY
In cricket, Edgbaston’s principal scorer GRIEG
No end of stress good for junior UNDERLING
Not becoming popular, appreciate possessing brother infra dig
Odd evidence people can’t settle yet for dogs? CURIOUS
One induced to get up on tiger? Outcome finally requiring careful handling DELICATE
One stolen by Knave almost, or Jack TAR
Out on a limb, raced our military transport armoured car
Polish girls here __ Hogwarts? charm school
Poor card game __ lead is clubs CRUMMY
Precocious girl’s speed in swimming Tyne NYMPHET
Put on in layers STAGED
Sadly no bar stops robber, one regularly at his peak? munro-bagger
Some may understand this character to be a consumer ETA
Squatter __ I must leave truck DUMPER
Touch judge officiating at the start in a row ADJOIN
Travel with new leader for military sport TOURNEY
Way to circle tier STRING
We are very busy, also housing relatives HUMANKIND