The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27165 October 10 2018

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27165
Clues Answers
6 ceding power left transport hub AIRPORT
Brand of motor ending in remote display area MARQUEE
Communiqué given no time in part of military base MESS
Crumbling Gothic remnant __ it’s something of an attraction magnetic north
Exciting about Conservative (not Republican) taking a broad view ECLECTIC
Fine supplier of puzzles, overlooking first one cheating FIDDLER
Healthy as a pampered inmate? in good nick
Hell surrounding Biblical city seen by an austere religious follower PURITAN
Herd straying and straying? Don’t follow it red herring
Hunter perhaps reset gin, with transient opportunity for observation watching brief
I creep about, going after each listening device EARPIECE
Item is piano tune PAIR
Kitchen device to ruin plumbing fitment DISHWASHER
Line chest for a bit of fun LARK
Marine marker left by second person returning after start of month life-buoy
Most of certain area offloading millions of unusual paintings? SURREAL
Note cut lines __ join again? REMARRY
Nothing quartet recalled about old instrument VIOLIN
One guards small number of competitors SENTRY
Original shell of confectionery recreated in sugary coating royal icing
Party leaders in politics expect information DOPE
Representation to go up __ way to attract Liberal scale model
Servant, giving one away, cracked MAD
Something that swoops near the ground, head right back OWL
Stop last of dodgy group of settlers COLONY
Threatening to have party for graduate suffering grief DOLEFUL
Upset record number entering target country MONGOLIA
Usual trick, hiding ring and military medal COMMON
Varnish nearly all fine material? Question stopping short LACQUER
What you get up to in the way of tweeting dawn chorus

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