The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27167 October 12 2018

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27167
Clues Answers
After first of January, one’s having to live in digs JIBES
Assume that one judge must visit French city DIJON
Beef, for example, from across the pond or canal? MEATUS
Course books containing sign of error troubles publisher oxtail soup
Covered on the inside with wrinkles LINED
Dashed busy? inspector morse
Director finally accepted Zola and his article de mille
Duck excessively short tackle get down to
Fair distance beyond home? Wrong INJUSTICE
Further comment, often too complicated FOOTNOTE
Girl fashioned garland, almost new MADELEINE
Goal minders do it OBJECT
Grabbing armband, collecting pants SNAFFLING
Green light’s extinguished: then sleeps nods off
Helicopters from Richmond bringing winning team perhaps to the Oval egg beaters
Inadequate person finally found new life, some job DWEEB
MCC aim: come repeatedly for batting average abroad comme ci comme ca
Mild Liberal getting stick all round CLEMENT
On the way out, I dispatched award GONG
One used to call a contact, briefly, before work area code
Pan perhaps necessary for recipe — teriyaki? PETER
Raced round like a loony, after a fast time RAMADAN
Rank alongside aphids, ultimately, as parasites SPONGING
Resistance fighter trained in Sparta PARTISAN
Scandinavian of note is visiting OLAF
Something said to be complete, note, within one UTTERANCE
Sort of tall beast that’s kept in cellar? table salt
Space traveller wasn’t the only one to get in contact? COMET
Turn out fine in the end: I’m out of Casualty EVICT
What was taken from Samson and Lot SIGHT

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