The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27169 October 15 2018

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27169
Clues Answers
Brief verse in French mostly useless ENVOI
Christian book favouring giving up almost everything PROCESSIONAL
Demonstrate putting away hot alcoholic drink MARC
Didn’t like touring Croatia’s capital, back in Split DETACH
Fiddle one misplaced? There it is! VOILA
Flamboyant old Law Lord entertains LOUD
Flatter, or fairly flat? BLANDISH
Front of chest in great pain, so could be this? angina pectoris
Get promoted in a post broadcasting ASCEND
Good girl we’re told deciding it’s an unfair obstacle glass ceiling
Got on vessel in eastern sea EMBARKED
Greek festival inspires king – it’s something in the atmosphere ARGON
Heavy drinks bottles heading for tavern ROTUND
Invalid with a nature that’s sickly? VALETUDINARIAN
Investigator on the booze REPORTER
Item for traveller knocking on mansion walls HOLDALL
Leave the neighbouring housing compound ETHENE
Musical style it’s rude to sing BLUEGRASS
New wig and thong, kinky bedroom gear NIGHTGOWN
Passage south across the Atlantic SINUS
Prickly Scandinavian hero content to leave Norway THORNY
Reduce by cooking in two months DECOCT
Sordid party game BASEBALL
The cloth sample on skimpy garments MINISTRY
They could hack off Conservative Brexiteers CLEAVERS
Trained to run race, his performance is telling RACONTEUR
View short camera shot, in which a lot is crooked? crime wave
What may qualify school to provide set of rules GRAMMAR

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