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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27170 October 16 2018

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27170
Clues Answers
Alongside ox, rodent looks different next-door
At least twenty-one strike OVERSCORE
Being kind of naive at first, it’s going in a straight line LENITY
Book I completed, performing research bone up on
Drama that was painful? Never! NOHOW
Elevated place in lounge mostly occupied by speakers, etc La Paz
Fishing port in distant land — a change from Britain all round PENZANCE
Game personnel in industrial region RUHR
I’d chain out, going free in this? houdini act
Inclined to be difficult? UPHILL
Lake by dark sort of rock, in turn a place of execution GOLGOTHA
Legendary princess some feared losing has returned ISOLDE
Losing it in the playground, this instrument? QUADRANT
Maybe some hope crime can be contained by grand new legal society grays inn
Not drinking: one should be eighteen? TEETOTAL
Personal maid, one Her Majesty initially ordered ad hominem
Pop-up blockers maybe for family film features ADDAMS
Puff for a second PROMO
Put out of home, like granny, over time INDIGNANT
Queen, perhaps, given rose, moved SOVEREIGN
Rowed and yelled, losing head OARED
Rulings used to carry more weight when order reversed FATWAS
Sailor securing airmen a large, old-fashioned place in London trafalgar square
Sailors looking to both starboard and port deck POOP
Scent left by the first travellers ROMA
Siren has volume and means to raise it VAMP
Special preserve of former Roman emperor, briefly married extra jam
Will perhaps follow the rules of the game, keeping wicket PLAYWRIGHT
Without turning yellow, body going all muscly SINEWY