The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27172 October 18 2018

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27172
Clues Answers
3-D depiction of moon in play DIORAMA
Beer from the East that’s fit for a king REGAL
Catch badly in marshier ground, conceding one run MISHEAR
College with vacant refectory taking on several partners POLYANDRY
Colleges in functioning state complete agreement UNISON
Colourful knight leaves full of love after church CHROMATIC
Compassion from judge at start of trial HEART
Get engaged to escort, then split up take part
Gunners waving flag held by sailor in battle TRAFALGAR
Had spiced up editorial content DUPED
Islander from a small island, one with brown skin? TASMANIAN
Levy for which Brussels possibly gets blame capital gains tax
Like autocrat on a trip, passed over? high-handed
Men on board provide crew scaling craft DRAUGHTSMANSHIP
Most tedious diet deals with disorder DEADLIEST
Noddy’s lack of memory recalled MORON
Odd American dance succeeding twist SCREWBALL
One’ll defend a point after game APOLOGIST
Pirate’s card game CRIB
Rabbit lover to give back trap GASBAG
Retiring Times editor penning books — a turn-off for addicts? DETOX
Rogue ultimately splits faction SCAMP
Royal attendants in turbulent reign acquiring new skills RETRAINING
Self-righteous Liberal short of company PIOUS
Sweep up last of slush that briefly forms solvent NAPHTHA
Toboggan losing its rear part drifted off SLEPT
Tramp’s friend remained with daughter in custody LADY
Vexed, if ordered to throttle Labour leader RANKLED
Voluntary payments or tribute in US a strain, on reflection HONORARIA
When most events occur, maybe, in Big Brother’s terms? NEWSPEAK

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