The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27175 October 22 2018

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27175
Clues Answers
After exercise, rings cook about game for children PEEKABOO
Bone up primarily on article supporting London’s banks ULNA
Claim member pitched into porter, say ALLEGE
Delicate priest’s left up displaying nimbleness AGILE
Depart at speed following bishop’s abrupt dismissal brush-off
First of Iraqi kings locked up by crazy old emperor MIKADO
Inferior liquor husband loves __ cold and hot HOOCH
Isolation unsettling Spenser at sea separateness
Leap dancer made at last before talk with hospital department ENTRECHAT
Left to reduce size of one’s protective grating PORTCULLIS
Male animal enterprising Americans may make fast? BUCK
One who lacks experience in quality roofing TYRO
Pearl’s mother, a credit in the Sunderland area? NACRE
Phoney European hotel with appeal for Irish leader ERSATZ
Possible hack’s garden implement, a token of good luck HORSESHOE
Ragged crowd, they say, digesting poster over pub counter? THREADBARE
Reasonable, in a word, to do a runner leg it
Result of boring climb amusing to Spooner? drillhole
Save pounds ultimately, meeting accountant over wine BARSAC
Search valley, missing centre COMB
Sheltered girl appearing in court before duke CLOISTERED
Soldier caught in narrow passage, held up by sailor LANCEJACK
Starchy doctor’s alter ego with notes on pungent gas FORMALDEHYDE
Study lines on creative work from East? That’s awkward CONTRARY
Trivial piece rejected by Ted Heath, for one? NUGATORY
Vehicle for men only on green next to a church STAGECOACH
Wide boy’s lookalike, one distributing diamonds etc? double-dealer
Wise men’s true art excited law administrators magistrature

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