The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27179 October 26 2018

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27179
Clues Answers
Accelerate in front of athlete who moves arms GUNRUNNER
Amount of volume by orchestra’s principal music player STEREO
Animation about heraldic colour that’s a palace favourite CORGI
Counted the minutes to retreat or resign DEMIT
Cry to encourage friend in hot pants tally-ho
Fire getting cold and greyer CASHIER
Fish very quietly bound by rope GUPPY
I’m not sure about feminist opponent RESISTER
Investigator probes organised crime using evidence EMPIRIC
It’s weird not having a partner round ODDBALL
Juvenile article in Paris Match is a scoop LADLE
Lack of balance provoked two lots of my tears ASYMMETRY
Mass of rock crystal usually keeps hidden TALUS
Maybe broody old dignitary, a sour drunk OVIPAROUS
Mostly, broadcaster and I spoke and spoke? RADII
Northern home’s inviting empty room IGLOO
Old name for soldiers sometimes showing character THETA
Pay bonus money through post STIPEND
Person who’s decorated not one ring of gold nobel laureate
Petted dog, holding head Canoodled
Player given hand aligns with person on the right film west side story
Rating new filling dessert, able to take a lot in ABSORBENT
Regret vocal jibe in stage whisper RHUBARB
Sample by writer, one who’s not very good POETASTER
Son moved awkwardly, restrained SWADDLED
Sort of material from one who’s ineffectual and uninteresting drip-dry
Top important figure EIGHTY
Trouble is after having favourable prognosis set fair
Weapon the German clutches doing wrong DERRINGER
Writer brought back offended, eponymous hero PENDENNIS

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