The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27181 October 29 2018

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27181
Clues Answers
A series of ups and downs as ocean wave hits vessel roller coaster
Agent, not quite penniless BROKE
Bid a tenner at first to tantalise ATTEMPT
Body of people with crime writer detailed to tour university college Corpus Christi
Clear out of joint with ladder cut and run
Departs in lagoon after repairing canal craft GONDOLA
Diligent cousins notice changes CONSCIENTIOUS
Drop off short skirt to be collected by fine-looking girl DIMINISH
Duke of Cornwall’s wife, for example, went without REGAN
False report an eccentric circulates CANARD
Fat? Briefly run, slowly LARGO
Hot, a remarkable African capital HARARE
I visit in class, without exception CATEGORICALLY
Islamic emblem in curved terrace CRESCENT
Knock public house sign, unfortunately INNINGS
Lab gear reassembled for this subject at school ALGEBRA
Longs to nurse poorly Greek hero ACHILLES
Partners back film WESTERN
Person keeping official records for hospital doctor REGISTRAR
Poem and piece of music heard RONDEAU
Robber in gang, Italian BANDIT
Satirise a politician taken in by rascal LAMPOON
Scientific study: like essay about new moon ASTRONOMY
Sheep from flock west of Scottish town HERDWICK
Some come to terms over fetish? TOTEM
Son not out, rotten sailor SINBAD
Up for a big band number in the mood
Very drunk on fewer LEGLESS

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