The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27185 November 2 2018

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27185
Clues Answers
2 sounding like twice that TUTU
Busy with letters about 500 serving staff ATTENDANTS
Coercion getting church to replace queen and noblewoman DUCHESS
Dishonest part of family in Genoa LYING
Evidently vote against party BEANO
Film director with no good cut is top in Rank PREMIER
Fruit began going bad in truck LOGANBERRY
Fruit containing date’s pith, covered with colour regulator? MELATONIN
Go around clubs banned from turning tricks SKIRT
Help as Brie deteriorates, being this? PERISHABLE
High official confidence in time to stop UN hardliner Undersecretary
Italian official returned for one binge with ill effects DOGE
Knocking out West Bromwich, playing in diamond formation RHOMBIC
Love curry? This food store also has eggs HONEYCOMB
Maybe harvest more than in rocky spot OUTCROP
One with ocular singularity has operations on endless rotation CYCLOPS
Perhaps queen’s consorts and host in drinking tribute lowering glasses finally TOMCATS
Pink people addicted to driving? CARNATION
Plug hole’s rims accept variable pressure HYPE
Prevailed, though apparently snubbed again, or overlooked REIGNED
Radical in uncontrolled movement keeping apart two Conservatives at odds CONTRADICTORY
Rallying cry as mate almost lets next person deal? all hands on deck
Statesman-like, still keeping Oscar fired up POLITIC
Unconditional truce’s ending between kitty and corgi, in disarray CATEGORIC
Utter speech hoping to sell skill with notes absolute pitch
What offers support for female opera star’s first half? BRAVA
Wife wears cool light brown FAWN
Yield malevolent creature nabbed by agents over suffering at high levels acrophobic

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