The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27187 November 5 2018

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27187
Clues Answers
Athenian courtesan doing for certain Asians THAIS
Block entrance to office used by surgeon VETO
Broadcast protected by company’s capital CAIRO
Calling out initially for last of tea in break VOCATION
Camp fellow frames conditions covering posh wrapping material butter muslin
Concerning two bodies jointly travelling in a Rolls round university LUNISOLAR
Deliver additional note about island clubs EXTRICATE
Female noble gripped by message defying explanation UNACCOUNTABLE
First-class bishop, single chap, backing state NAMIBIA
Fish trap creepy duke put out WEIR
Having several parties subsequently in action TRILATERAL
Hope and believe this is bound to be heard TRUST
Intimidates thirty, having change of heart? THREATENS
Keys a morbid type reportedly kept in lightweight anorak CAGOULE
Like lime perhaps from prickly plant in winding lane ALKALINE
Loose article pinched by ’awker, perhaps? UNTETHER
Magistrate constantly upset about illegal drug REEVE
Managed to get record, holding second of rivals off RANCID
Petite gal skipping small part of book title page
Portion of flavourful marine bird FULMAR
Proceed lumberingly and see ballot set up LOLLOP
S African native — worker in Francis Bret’s time? HARTEBEEST
Small network I’m working to turn around NOMINAL
Stink son on Web kicked up, about hackers primarily STENCH
Stone the writer picked up after row about golf TIGEREYE
Suffering fever, knight concealed torment ANGUISH
Taking a while polishing off porridge? time-consuming
Welding substance damaging on eye? Exactly Oxyacetylene

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