The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27188 November 6 2018

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27188
Clues Answers
…of many thousands lost for ages a month of sundays
A retired GP tucks into layer cake HARDEN
Application of string theory, “relatively” speaking? granny knot
Bearing weapons, is imprisoned, making lucky escape near miss
Brass band regularly entertains United and a rival team AUDACITY
Coach follows game in which there’s the potential for rain NIMBUS
Craftsman: ‘Ring me up in a moment, right?’ SHOEMAKER
Creative individual’s scratching head ARTY
Extremely cold in Canadian province __ Quebec’s the leader in snow vehicles BICYCLES
Fellows taking over, not quietly, causing confusion CHAOS
Has flung out photographic device FLASHGUN
Hospital unit is perfect HONE
I love being in south of France, returning with fine wine in particular FASTIDIOUS
Lots of sketches, but missing the first … OODLES
Nice intimate conversation? tete-a-tete
Not losing heart, at first the guy will be determined hell-bent
Note river without end TERMINUS
Old king, set to move, hiding inside tree OLEASTER
One goes on airship? GASBAG
One soldier decorated houses in spring ORIGINATE
Seeing changes within a couple of days, as planned DESIGNED
Shrew runs in through crack VIRAGO
Strike bar before heading in goal BANG
Times lifted after leaving hotel room SCOPE
Twopence piece is visible OPEN
Using sticker? That’s surprising by gum
Vacant area in pub to the rear of lounge INANE
Vessel has poorly kept guns ARTILLERY
What’s initially awkward to hold in with belt? PAUNCH

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