The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27189 November 7 2018

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27189
Clues Answers
About to appear, sense of anticipation overwhelming a singer NIGHTINGALE
After pillage, save brass instrument SACKBUT
Ancient city, above all, unfinished THEBES
Asian runner getting taste for work INDUSTRY
Asylum seeker to cater for again, mostly, embracing universal good REFUGEE
Back of garden behind houses in French city NANTES
Band still in fashion? On the contrary the who
Be deceiving: a protracted row starts string along
Because of every other character leaving jobless, take industrial action down tools
Bouquet guy found in Bordeaux, perhaps? FRAGRANCE
Breakfast is not a sausage, also refusing alcohol, in mess OMELETTE
Cash in silver, instantly withdrawn WONGA
Complex, getting neighbouring Greek island to squeeze in BYZANTINE
Cushion can keep foot warm? HASSOCK
Dish in constant use, ultimately PIE
Fastener, one with screw loose? NUT
Heart of gold in fellow MORALE
Hiccup interrupting, say, Persian talk CHITCHAT
Influence someone £0.01 overdrawn? POWER
Interpret ideas, however ahead of the pace thought-read
Introduce first of paratroopers, then withdraw PRECEDE
Liking snakes, we must be crazy WEAKNESS
Lip, with cheek very close neck and neck
Naughty Zulus stop talking! IMPISH
Number in team half lost after capsizing, survive EXIST
One creeping on round, sheepish? OVINE
Place where a long tooth shortened, by the way STATUS
Queen’s issue clear, one requiring king’s backing KITTEN
Rug is cheaper one I replaced HAIRPIECE
Some dipso then? SOT
Square food item topped, article covered PIAZZA
That girl’s pa has lost weight? HER

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