The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27191 November 9 2018

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27191
Clues Answers
A haughty type turns up one miniature BONSAI
A revolutionary force in the kitchen? CHEF
Alternate energy, extremely different every other
Apology as starter of chicken leg having feathers on climb-down
Big band arrangement is briefly touching DABBING
Bill has no time for puzzle POSER
Bone half upright on bare ground VERTEBRA
Capacious jumper, wow! ROOMY
Circle character that calls for an answer RINGTONE
Cleric who’s left briefly, late coming in PRECENTOR
Cut right through hollow CARVE
Direction from husband say, stifling a row HEADING
Explanation of desert island having left half missing RATIONALE
Genevan, maybe, when drunken, is smart SWISH
Grand forest that may surround the house GARDEN
Hold arm up in tube? That may be going to work strap-hang
Homeless person delighted to be in side ward bag lady
Inoculation to back? It should be on one’s front JABOT
Judge a horse and a sheep JACOB
Like a bit of fish, being European FINNISH
Melting in our arms — that’s only seen at night ursa minor
New student joins part of army course REFRESHER
Phone feature defective — nothing working in the country CAMEROON
Plant endlessly lucrative when propagated CULTIVAR
Refuse what can be earned around London? SEWAGE
Religious medal if dear must be changed to be accepted god-fearing
River runs within explosive borders RHINE
River: one among a number ARNO
Serene, though surrounded by endless pack ice PACIFIC
Staging erotic content, hot stuff GINGER
Traveller is author with American accent, speaking? RIDER
What bird is doing we misrepresented? WIDGEON

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