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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27194 November 13 2018

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27194
Clues Answers
A bottle with contents switched is to be of use AVAIL
A lot of grass is something that could be laid down LAW
Adorable and mundane, strange heavenly vision andromeda nebula
Bar books concealing shortage completely BLACKBALL
Chap gets on, securing right officials? MANAGERS
Costing expressed in notes? to the tune of
Game series reduced by 50% after securing no agreement SNOOKER
Gold European concealed from parliament in survey of accounts AUDIT
High billions something of interest to gamblers? BLOTTO
I carefully note foremost of usual debs coming out in bud
Irritated after mounting evidence of debts, not thinking straight DELIRIOUS
Leading article __ six Times rejected AHEAD
Learner to try to get a good score in archery BEGINNER
Maintaining a stiff challenge? It’s what my job presents me with EMBALMER
Marine location’s origin probed by sailor SEABED
Newspaper, perhaps, wrapping store’s last old herb OREGANO
Noblewoman I start to see in pubs BARONESS
One in eight gardeners trimming borders ROWER
Opening up to welcome Queen after small crowd SWARM
Pester a lot of clubs to reduce investing in booze BELEAGUER
Put out LP? Miss securing source of funds DISCOMFIT
Recalled a baker in blue, strangely unpleasant unlikable
Sad when kid in it turned up cold TRAGIC
Seen wandering by trail over the hill? SENESCENT
Source of writing clearly supporting popular King INKWELL
Stole or got from South American city BOA
The reading’s affected, having eye problems near-sighted
Theatrical credits clamour to include one theatre worker musical director
US city getting international news LATEST
Wrong to accept lithium and cobalt __ or this? SILICON