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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27195 November 14 2018

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27195
Clues Answers
After silence, hands round the writer’s contract SHRIVEL
Apt to see red snake, in fancy WASPISH
Back supporter in my place CORSET
Bad sign, boarding Sierra to travel around, one may end up in jam Seville orange
Black grape intertwined with the lush grapevine bush telegraph
Car to go wrong on a boring day FERRARI
Cereal, tons on ground mostly MILLET
Christian left university and rushed to pen article LUTHERAN
Cold food after bread is shock ROLLMOP
Do away with Times editorial’s introduction ERASE
Great Britain’s flipping harsh ACERB
Gull, say, overturned angler’s device to get fish conger eel
Intoxicating substance affected air supply CAMPARI
Knight, travelling far, is in China PARSIFAL
Many dogs taking the lead off OODLES
Medical department that constantly admits horseman EVENTER
Offbeat individual note lifted song, not a tango ODDITY
Particular sin, snatching diamonds from the east ESPECIAL
Places quotes from speakers SITES
Primary colour nobody’s drawing in number one
Record kept by Crusoe, divided up VIDEO
Spray bound to release nitrogen SPRIG
Twirling, maybe the ladies one saw approved VALIDATED
Vehicle broken by butcher’s van in badly neglected state LIMBO
Venture into Microsoft’s domain is trouble for corporation ENTERITIS
Vessel’s sharp, turning and heading for army bases SUBSTRATA
What some musicians do before and after concert? take a bow
What’s in Brontë novel read twice is inspiring English DIAERESIS
Wit’s heartless riposte wounded ESPRIT
Withdraw money that’s regularly paid to carry around RECANT