The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27196 November 15 2018

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27196
Clues Answers
Act of worship no longer being kept on hold? OFFICE
Against Parisian that abandons collector’s item ANTI
Blunt men taking in a museum keeper CURATOR
Chap briefly invested in farmland? That’s open to debate ARGUABLE
Deliver a rocket, blowing up a dictator there read the riot act
Emperor’s hesitation to appear in Japanese drama NERO
Gen boys misused? Let them be themselves BYGONES
Get the better of blooming Scotsman you once put up OUTJOCKEY
Girl’s gain secured by climbing mountain ANNETTE
Goodman’s sound fortune’s talked of in European union BENELUX
Hamlet’s rest? As interrupted by the French SILENCE
High-flyer from Kentucky by lake in Channel Island SKYLARK
Journalist wearing flashy jewels takes to new dog BEDLINGTON
Li’l cartoon hero mostly kept in and denied ABNEGATED
Like a polar phenomenon initially recognised in a university exam AURORAL
Neat newly-wed touring key academic institutions OXBRIDGE
One with pride in Sir Tristram’s birthplace, do we hear? LIONESS
Outburst by a politician __ it’s to do with taste GUSTATORY
Person funding music reproduction maybe one that lists our faults? recording angel
Pigeon buff going over story on radio FANTAIL
Presumably they permit certain forms of communication LETTERS
Set about English mob half-heartedly responding to direction STEERABLE
Sexton’s bag is placed in quarters, centrally SACRIST
Specialist painter, one earning right to be accepted grainer
Unscrupulous lawyer __ some pushy stereotype SHYSTER
Up-and-coming leftist’s equestrian technique rising trot
Woman’s goodness about accommodating retired lieutenant MYRTLE
Writer James gets run over in colony of birds HERONRY

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