The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27197

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27197
Clues Answers
American men and nations in turmoil MINNESOTAN
Authentic German 19th century bags returned ECHT
Average doctor has nothing to carry about MEDIOCRE
Church leader requires work, in padre’s case POPE
Cushion for flat PAD
Digital protector’s ratings fell disastrously FINGERSTALL
Edible gastropod to gather right away WINKLE
Farm workers adding a touch of traditional colour PIGMENT
Favour old verb in revised paper APPROVE
First woman in shipping firm starts to resent advice PANDORA
Flame from lamp, silver, turned up a little GASLIGHT
Flammable liquid’s colour’s first lost in air TOLUENE
Food for raptors sparsely, evenly presented PREY
Genuine error __ Queen held in church SINCERE
Harsh Balkan, reportedly one taken into account ACERBIC
Holed by count, stag goes wild MADDENS
Insectivore from East died, eaten by mate ECHIDNA
Plodding round hospital back to entrance to get sticker for collection stamp hinge
Prime pillock gives it away for nothing TWO
Prior to support closure of house BEFORE
Purify copper, however briefly DISTIL
Reflective cleric going on unfortunately bores viewer OBSERVER
Satisfied no one’s taken up dispute CONTENTION
Secure access code PIN
Short poem, as exercise QUATRAIN
Small dwarf, a potential pain in the long run? STITCH
The writer’s mother departed in copper’s wake, blameless IMMACULATE
Thoughtful class passionate about reading? kind-hearted
Western fruit crop WHIP
When one’s expected letter from abroad ETA
With child, purchasing ‘golden’ cough remedy EXPECTORANT
Workers with most seniority, those needing to play first eldest hands


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