The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27199 November 19 2018

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27199
Clues Answers
Admission of espionage is fix IMPLANT
Beauty-lover worried about short woman AESTHETE
Called into action and driven mad DERANGED
Cherished peregrination in P&O cruise PRECIOUS
Compress neatly, if perversely, to put limits on freedom cramp ones style
Corrupt banker is Busby BEARSKIN
Decaying or bad meat hunk DREAMBOAT
Drug agent is above suspicion in plant NARCISSUS
Entertainer among travellers in a train SINATRA
Entertaining person news boss booked CARDED
Flyer sees V1 in two areas approaching hill AVIATOR
Folding stuff and cheque backing mate in France ORIGAMI
Gym in Parisian street generates money RUPEE
Heavy fabric just the thing to pack uniform SAMITE
Hopes when religious right embraces void ASPIRES
Instrument to stamp fine material ORGANDIE
Live on periphery? RESIDE
Lumumba say in power over a very short time PATRICE
Management goes for temporary patching up running repairs
Model wants time with single mother put to work OPTIMUM
One gets over wearing stupid expression IDIOM
Pipe radius used in Shard CHIRP
Returned books are an inspiration ERATO
Ruler in mood beheaded soldiers EMPEROR
Scarlet grabs mine, but it’s handed back RESTORED
Seat wrecked by sailors towards the rear ASTERN
Sensible to retain hospital doctor in council SANHEDRIN
Standard credit to extend Jamaican homes YARDSTICK
Thinker was his god at Russell’s instigation RODIN
US lawyer, target for McCarthy, took risks DARED

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