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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27200 November 20 2018

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27200
Clues Answers
A little information should come back shortly TAD
A row about meal taken regularly in drawing room ATELIER
Amateur work involves quieter, spirited works? DISTILLERY
Announced very full agreement PACT
Announces journey __ it starts from here? AIRSTRIP
Appoint criminal to study prison PANOPTICON
Art of self-defence gives splendid child a rounded character AIKIDO
Before university, acquire a coach LANDAU
Broken fragments presenting girl with no end of danger DEBRIS
Commander with name badge attached in a particular shape OCTAGON
Daughter abandons dreadful passion IRE
Dead queen ignored by count NUMB
Debauched man saves money for habit ROUTINE
Dull, like a mountain lake? TARNISH
Girl fills reverse of dry forms CLASSES
Hurry away and keep busy beat it
In ground speed test overlapping title-holders lords temporal
Joint where gang takes in film FETLOCK
Love to drill through card to find pistol SIDEARM
Obstinacy characteristic of Animal Farm? PIGHEADEDNESS
Old Presbyterian binding witches to stake with a bit of rope COVENANTER
Ox that brings up young STOT
Part of mouth involved in a quiet falsetto? soft palate
Play time theme: pets to be groomed the tempest
Prepare to run: go, dog! turn tail
Rock band so bad I must repeatedly interrupt OBSIDIAN
Spell to remember vividly, full of energy RELIEVE
Sum not completed in crucial test eleven-plus
Watery liquid from height dropping into uprooted tree WHEY
Wears kit adapted: one way to follow a boat water ski