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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27205 November 26 2018

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27205
Clues Answers
A cleverer gambit finally adopted, one that takes in workers? ANTEATER
Beware introduction to Dickensian coachman, a reclusive type cave-dweller
Buy a fungus that may be eaten in court ACCEPT
Condition of hooker with limited protection from sun PROVISO
Damp and unhealthy smell in trains crossing East RHEUMY
Drink and gossip endlessly CHA
Drink half of this after doing wrong in Lincoln? ABSINTHE
Driver missing during hostilities WAGONER
Fine imposed on surgeon in Newcastle? Innocence established NAIVETE
Fish some enjoyed immensely on reflection IDE
Get what one wants __ a private drive, perhaps? have ones own way
Having books on 11, I lie about a set of papers IDENTIFICATION
Increase number of soldiers replacing us in thirty one days AUGMENT
Indian food a Spanish surrealist left unfinished DAL
King leaves Grand Duke oddly without classification UNGRADED
Man served up drink __ firm friend of church dignitary ARCHIEPISCOPAL
Maroon pedestal trader ultimately secured STRAND
Mournful English member with current account ELEGIAC
National leader imprisoning Republican archer in tower MARTELLO
Quiet resort one first finds fairly pleasant NICEISH
Secularity of old firm in city starts to satisfy many LAICISM
See a girl in Llanfairfechan? Blissful! ELYSIAN
Shorthand entry a shop girl initially misinterpreted STENOGRAPHY
Sign left out of what you’re reading CUE
Suffering pain, lose a crown in historical conflicts napoleonic wars
Went through, being tried and tested EXPERIENCED
West Indian father, one embraced by saint naming school TRINIDADIAN
Young beauty reportedly crazy about old woman once BELDAM