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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27208 November 29 2018

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27208
Clues Answers
Alpine ewes slide all over the place EDELWEISS
Anger arising about Heath, say ERICA
Argument over railway concern WORRY
Asp that is without power to puncture old queen? VIPER
Bird around with cherries half gone? Who could want that? TWITCHER
Butterfly with tail flying about open piece of land COMMON
Carbon more efficient and less polluting CLEANER
Caught a musical, say, about Charlie, a real money earner cash cow
Duck is able to get across eastern sea OCEAN
Farcical game’s cut short and one croupier’s losing support LUDICROUS
Hard to tamper with identity RIGID
Historical river meadow PASTURE
Jack skinned salmon in manoeuvre JOCKEY
Map routes all round Cheddar? MOUSETRAP
Maybe a lot of cool tea as flu cure is crackers SAUCERFUL
Meet is outside of Filey on Saturday SATISFY
Museum investing millions in cultural inheritance HERMITAGE
Name of famous artist included in opening VINCENT
North American food, mostly NACHO
Note men on Territorial Army vessel AORTA
One predicting bank clerk’s after a lot of money fortune-teller
Result of crossing Scottish bridge railway keeps ending in Dundee TAYBERRY
Rolled bran flakes with very little appeal all round VIBRANT
Small mammal, disturbed, Welshman’s hidden? tree shrew
Spring kept looking good well-preserved
Storage facility a great bed used to be in WAREHOUSE
Tear on freeway regularly and hit the vehicle in front rear-end
Travellers’ aid in electronic Scottish Bible? GUIDEBOOK
What’s in Thai, like our Eastern verse HAIKU
Where there are pins keeping back the galley with key rope BOWLINE