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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27211 December 3 2018

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27211
Clues Answers
Army commanders hurried where supplies could be had general store
Authorise second armed conflict around November SANCTION
Cricketers dine when short of time in place close to The Oval BATTERSEA
Devote seconds breaking into ice cream van that’s old? CONSECRATE
Disapproval of Conservative Democrat leading country CONDEMNATION
Does nothing with days in French islands IDLES
English low-fat cream ELITE
Fate is satisfied by king KISMET
Funny cartoon about jolly diver CORMORANT
Homer’s resting place is suspect if long associated with poet pigeon loft
I fret about what might recycle junk REFIT
I turn rowboat around for fish rainbow trout
I work in charge of pursuing British film BIOPIC
Left that southern city of France LYONS
Marker on wine bottle FLAGON
May I ask you to settle in advance when record’s coming out? PRAY
Meat and fish for a judge in Corsican capital CARPACCIO
Money a laboratory’s cut for water vessel CALABASH
Nearly perfect suggestion IDEA
Railway diversion crucial for reconstruction after constant cancellation? FUNICULAR
Ruling starts on this weight of cake stone of scone
Statistics with January not showing the first three figures STATUARY
Take a dive unclothed for a breather LUNG
Timepieces changing ring, first to one, then a different sound click-clack
Trouble with serious offence over good-looking youth ADONIS
Unfinished gateau gets stored initially in container CASK
Very bad men tear into unfinished home HORRENDOUS
What will strain old spacecraft chasing the speed of light COLANDER